Nutrition & Wellness Faculty Meeting

“Alzheimer’s #1 Concern of Patients”

Dr. Quentin Srnka, PharmD, MBA, FACA  

Dr. Hillary Howell, PharmD, FACA, CCN
Chuck Schneider, MBA

Alzheimer’s is the disease people of all ages are most worried about. Join the panelists as they discuss Alzheimer’s disease, a relevant and emotional topic for patients.

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Building a Membership Model for Your Pharmacy Using Point of Care Services

Learning Objectives

  • Why offer a membership model for your clinical services
  • What to offer in your membership model
  • Point of care testing that you should offer year around
  • How to charge and keep track of your members

Join ACA Corporate Member POCTi for a 1 hour webinar on “Maximizing Pharmacy Profits: Unleashing the Power of Point-of-Care Services in Your Membership Model” and receive more information on how your pharmacy can get started with Point of Care testing.

This activity will not offer CE credit.

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