Would You Like Fries with That Prescription?

Jul 02, 2023

Test, Already!

How are you operating your pharmacy?

Are you offering patients a unique experience with clinical services that they are craving or are you offering them one thing and one thing only: prescriptions.

There's parallel between the restaurant industry and independent pharmacy.


Think about that for a second.

How much money are you making per month on the front end of your store compared to your prescription department. Be honest with yourself. 

If you are like most independent pharmacies, 91% of your revenue is from filling prescriptions alone. That number should be closer to 70%.

The bigger question is, how do you envision running your store? 

Like a fine dining restaurant where people sign up and pay months in advance for the opportunity to work with you, or like McDonald’s where your day can be very unpredictable and stressful depending on volume in the drive thru. 

I will take the fine dining experience ALL DAY as a patient and a practicing pharmacist. 

You should too. 

I book and pay for appointments months in advance from visiting a specialist to getting my hair cut and going out to eat. 

Physicians, chiropractors, dentists, hair stylist, restaurants, even bowling alleys have an appointment-based model and so should your pharmacy practice. 

It’s time for pharmacy to pivot.

Key benefits to having an appointment-based model.

  • You can staff your day accordingly and delegate task to employees.
  • Patients can complete intake forms ahead of time to make the appointment more effective and efficient.
  • Create designated time to work one-on-one with patients by giving them what they want; time with you! 
  • Block time off when needed for events, vacation, and your own appointments.
  • Get paid upfront for your valuable services and knowledge.
  • Automate task like appointment reminders and follow-up.
  • Get patients back in the store to purchase supplements, nutraceuticals, and OTC medications.

Fluger or Practice Better are great options for your booking software needs and includes marketing support- BONUS! 

You might be thinking, this sounds fantastic! BUT, what do I have to offer?

The short answer is a TON. You are a Pharmacist! You have a lot of knowledge to share with the world. 


What services can you offer in your pharmacy or telehealth practice that people are craving?

  • Point of Care Testing and Point of Sale Testing
  • Hormone Optimization 
  • Cognitive and Hearing Testing
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Nutrient Depletion Testing
  • Functional Medicine including Gut Wellness
  • Supplement Optimization
  • Preventative Care
  • Med Sync and MTM

These are services ALL Pharmacists can and should be offering. 

Pick one. Start there so you can Test, Already! 

Tara and Chuck Schneider, Point of Care Testing Institute Co-Founders  

P.S. I like fast food just as much as you do. You can NEVER go wrong with Whataburger! 

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