Test, Already!

Jul 02, 2023

Test, Already!

We get it. There is so much going on in the pharmacy between hiring, filling scripts, drug shortages, the line at the drive thru, those deliveries... it's hard to find the time to create a service much less decide on who is going to drive it.


There are numerous benefits to doing point of care testing (POCT) in your pharmacy. And one of the main benefits is the pharmacist doesn't have to drive this new service line. Your Champion can do a lot of the testing which frees up the pharmacist time to do other tasks.

Who Is Your Champion?

You might know right away who you think the Champion is in your pharmacy. They are your go-to for everything; the rock, the top performer, the person always looking for new opportunities.

However, this doesn't mean that they are the Champion for POCT.

What are the Traits of a Champion?

Your Champion must have these 4 characteristics for your POCT service to be successful:

  1. Outgoing Personality
  2. Good Communication Skills
  3. Organization Skills
  4. Clinically Oriented

If your Champion lacks these traits then your new service line will likely not perform as you expect.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does initiating and holding a conversation come easy to this person?
  • Can they communicate instructions to patients?
  • Can they follow standard operating policy and procedures?
  • Are they organized and neat?
  • Do they enjoy the hands on aspect of patient care?

Why are These Traits the Key to Your Success?

POCT is a new language and your Champion must be confident in explaining the service and performing tests on patients. This should be something they are excited about doing, because it fits their personality. As a busy business owner, it's crucial that you match your staff's personality to their job duties. This builds confidence, employee engagement, and retention.


Now that you have identified your Champion Test, Already!

Tara and Chuck Schneider