It's Farmer's Market Season. Are you ready to grow your POCT business?

Jul 02, 2023

Test, Already!

Spring is in the air, the birds are chirping, and people are ready to get outside. Weekend farmer’s markets are happening all over the country from big cities to small towns. This is the perfect opportunity for you to let your community know about your budding testing business.

Are You Ready to Grow Your POCT Business?

This is where your ideal patients are heading, the local weekend market.


Because they believe in health and wellness. They believe in supporting local, small businesses just like yours. 

Your ideal patients are purchasing $10 cartons of free-range eggs and $20/lb of fresh, farm raised beef at the Farmer's Market.



They know the farms where they’re food is raised and are willing to pay the extra price because they know exactly where it’s coming from.

They are opening their wallets and investing in their health. They see the value in getting their nutrients locally from a small business.

You too have a local, small business who believes in optimizing people’s health and wellness. You just need to let your community know about the awesome testing services you provide. 


Here’s a quick list to get your booth set up by this weekend! 

  • Connect with the local Farmers Market and ask to be a vendor! Easy!
  • Get a foldable table and 4 chairs, an open tent, and a tablecloth. Bonus points if it has your logo.
  • Create a basic marketing sheet with your company header, list of services and contact information. If they don’t know how to reach you, they don’t know how to work with you! 
  • Gather the tests that you want to offer at the Farmers Market. Not sure on what to take? Keep reading! 
  • Grab a small number of curated supplements. BIG Bonus points if they are made local!
  • Sign up for an all-in-one credit card processor and EMR to collect payments and deliver results. We love Fluger and Practice Better! You need a mobile platform that can move with you.
  • Cool tee shirt and farmer’s hat. You got to look the part, plus it’s hot! 

What test should you offer?

  • There is really no limit to what you can take, your community is looking to optimize their health and support local business owners. 
  • Here are just a FEW of my favorites; no CLIA-Waiver required! 
  • Cognivue. This easy to use, portable device can go anywhere. People are wanting to optimize their brain function, stay mentally fit, and live longer. Get a baseline in just 5 minutes and talk to your patients about modifiable risk factors to optimize brain health. 
  • Berkeley Life. Want to know if you are producing enough nitric oxide for optimal heart and brain health? There’s a 10 second test for that! 
  • Hormones. Yes, people are VERY interested in optimizing their hormones to feel younger and live longer with more vitality. These kits can be sold in your booth, and the consult can be done with the patient when the results are ready. 
  • Pharmacogenetics and Nutrigenomics. These kits are portable, and you can swab a patient right there at the market in under 1 minute. People are interested in knowing if the medication and supplements they take are ACTUALLY working. You can help!

Now that you have a game plan for the rest of the summer you can Test, Already!

Tara and Chuck Schneider, Point of Care Testing Institute Co-Founders  

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